Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Present To My Friend

You saw me first with a bike padlock around my neck, sorry, “nick”. I remember two girl names but not being very sure at all who was who. That Xmas, among games that anyone knew except me, we ended up more jumping than dancing with music at 4am and after that the reading of a poem, May. And I slept in the red sofa.

I remember it was snowing the first time I went from your place to my place thru the Village. And I discovered the Village, thank to you. Then was Lord Of The Rings in the old cinema of Walthamstow. Now it’s closed.

You showed me the most interesting parts of London, Hampstead – the heath and the creperie, Grenwhich, Blackfriars, the Turkish restaurant!

We got drunk together more than once, you loved good whiskey, I showed you Martini. And ever since I have seen a bottle of vermouth in your house.

Gina and piano are synonyms.

I always loved listening you playing the piano. I used to be by the next sofa, just watching and listening, usually half drunk, especially on parties when after some drinks I couldn’t understand “a shit”.

My English was ok but I remember struggling trying to keep the path of the conversation around the table. Then it got better and better, thanks to you basically, and to Mel and to Jonathan. Good proof of my linguistic improvement are the golden sentences such as “ If I am forced”, “Sorry my English!”, “I don’t understand a shit” and, thanks to Bella, “permanent siesta”.

Then the Hammersmith walk came.
I remember not knowing if I’d find anyone in the house and Mel opening the door, just with a towel and full of foam, from the bath. I remember the feeling of finding an oasis. And also a never again feeling. And we talked by phone the very same night and you just recognized my cracky voice, “Hey, it’s me”. And I crossed the city, for a week, in your bike. That was crazy, but I did it.

You showed me what love and friendship means to you, many times. I think I showed mine when you stayed in the hospital.

You are piano, and also are forest, of course.
What a luxury having this amazing forest just ten minutes away where we used to live. It’s weird to talk about Walthamstow in past tense. I really loved our last stroll thru the forest, just last Sunday. Maybe it’s enough for today, I am getting nostalgic.

Friendship can’t be described with a logical script. There are flashes. And arguments!

We love you babe. I love you. And we miss you. Zoixonak, laune!!!!