Sunday, January 22, 2006

True Friendship

A friend of mine says always that friends are like pans: you know how good they are when you put them in the fire... I have the best pans in the world in my kitchen.

I want to check my email
From the man who maybe
Holding me some Friday night
Like this one

But I stay downstairs
I remember you
By the piano
Watching me
This is your night.

Thank You, my friend.


When did your name
change from a proper noun
to a charm?

Its three vowels
like jewels
on the thread of my breath.

Its consonants
brushing my mouth
like a kiss.

I love your name.
I say it again and again
in this summer rain.

I see it,
discreet in the alphabet,
like a wish.

I pray it
into the night
till its letters are light.

I hear your name
rhyming, rhyming,
rhyming with everything.

by Carol Ann Duffy.