Sunday, January 22, 2006

True Friendship

A friend of mine says always that friends are like pans: you know how good they are when you put them in the fire... I have the best pans in the world in my kitchen.

I want to check my email
From the man who maybe
Holding me some Friday night
Like this one

But I stay downstairs
I remember you
By the piano
Watching me
This is your night.

Thank You, my friend.


kiwigina said...

I have read this - glad to see you posting again. It's the first night on my own in this house and it made me cry, remembering another house in another time. In both houses, evidence of you is everywhere.

Chris said...

Hey CT, did you write this poem? It's lovely!

Coffee Tambourine said...

No Christ, was written by someone who is really genuine and I love very much.

piika said...

I don't know you but I am glad you're postin too....