Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Saturday Poem


The old land swinging in her stomach
she must get to know this language
better - key words, sound patterns
wordgroups of fire and blood.

Try your classmates with
the English version of your name.
Maria. Try it.
Good afternoon. How are you?

I am fine. Your country -
you see it in a drop of water.
The last lesson they taught you there
was how to use a gun.

And now in stops and starts
you grow a second city in your head.
It is Christmas in this school.
Sarajevo is falling through

a forest of lit-up trees,
cards and decorations.
Mountains split with gunfire
swallow clouds, birds, sky.



Chris said...

Another excellent poem, CT. You have great taste!

CT said...

Thanks Chris!
It's easy... just put yourself in the shoes of the woman who was shopping some vegs and got shot by a Serbian sniper from a surrounding hill in Sarajevo.
It happenned just 10 years ago and it happen HERE in Europe!

And just wait till I find a poem about the village of Sbrenica... do you know what happened? A nightmare!

I am sure that, at the time, we were wondering about our new shoes or how expensive is the flight to Corfu...