Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Sun Survey

I have just been wondering if I really like the new creamy background in my blog.
Clearly is easier to read the text but I wonder if the old black background was more stylish and suited better to my poetry-driven face...

Could my loyal 3 or 4 readers please place a comment making clear which is your choice?

One coffee One vote!
Popular democracy!
Power to the masses!


Chris said...

As one of your loyal readers (!) I'd have to say I prefer this background and colourscheme to the last one. You're right that it is easier to read your text now, and to wear my Web Designer's hat for a moment, the last one broke every rule in the book for people who have sight problems! Light-coloured text on a dark background is generally considered a no-no, and I think your new pages show much easier it is to see your material now.

I'm casting my vote for the current page style! :-)

Chalkgirl said...

I like the creamy background. One coffee please!

kiwigina said...

I liked the old background way better. Down with cream! Up with black spotty things!