Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The (Neo) Cons

The last book I have finished reading is called "After the Neocons - America at the Crossroads" by Francis Fukuyama, the guy who wrote "The End of History". Published by Profile Books in paperback, it has just 226 pages so it's a quick read.


Chris O said...

Sounds interesting, CT. What is the main subject of the book?

Coffee Tambourine said...

Hi Chris, a late reply.
Basically this is the guy who wrote a book saying that western liberal democracies based in free market are the last step in political and social evolution so that was the "end of history". Bush's neocon mates took several points from his book but now he has written this new essay saying basically that they got all wrong and also pointing out that if America wants to be an influential power during the XXI century the right way is to use his soft power (Cocacola, Microsoft, Nike and Arnie can be the next president) than hard power (Rumsfeld, Cheney at al with their Abu Grahibs, Guantanamos and ghost planes). Significantly, the other day I saw a former hawk American diplomat (woman, don't remember name) in Andrew Marr's program advocating for "soft power". A coincidence?