Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gaza Today: Some Facts

* Over 80% of people in Gaza now live below the poverty line.
* Israel impossed fuel sanctions in Sep 07 and local electrical infrastructure can provide only 35% of Gaza's needs. The cutting-off of the electricity hampers hospital operating, water supply and sewage systems.
* In Oct 07, the public provider of water and sanitation services received just 50% of the fuel it needs to operate its wells, pumping stations and treatment plants. 210,000 people are now able to access drinking water supplies for only 1-2 hours a day.
* 1.2 million Gazans are now dependent on food aid. Only 41% of Gaza's food import needs are currently being met.
* The closure of borders has led to price increases, shortages of basic commodities and reduced purchases of meat (98%), dairy products (86%) and fruit (99%).
* There are no stocks left of 85 essential medicines, including chemotherapy drugs, strong antibiotics and several psychiatric drugs. For a further 138 drugs there are only stocks for three months at most. Supplies of nitrous oxide for surgical anaesthesia will run out in two weeks.
* 17.5% of patients who have requested access to East Jerusalem, Israel or abroad for emergency or chronic medical treatment have been denied permits since June 07.

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Chris O said...

Amazing statistics, my friend. I can imagine facts like that appearing on the front page of The Independent one day. It needs that kind of exposure to make people realise the crisis Gaza's in.