Friday, June 06, 2008

Essay on the (real) Moon

I know that lately I have been talking about the other side of the Moon – the side that is difficult to recognize is there. But there is this side of the Moon too – the one we usually see: light, shiny and optimistic. The very same full Moon I like so much and I always say is the silver mirror that reflects your genuine soul. The Moon that links us even when we are physically distant. And the one that helps me to keep my particular inner calendar.

And looking to a bright full moon I see…

I see you in hippy clothing, hanging around and catching my eye. I see your old car and the trips we did on it, visiting this and that, careless of the stress others were feeling, laughing at it… remember? “Man, you can’t talk to some of them this time of the year!”

I see you staying for first time and putting your eyes on water. I see a night of love and little pain – everything was new. And I see trees talking to us.

I see you going to the roof of the world and enjoying what you do - and I see myself in a happy summer, floating and smiling and not knowing why or, maybe, knowing exactly why.

I see you turning up at that cool café with worry in your eyes, and being by my side all the time when suddenly the future was uncertain and we didn’t know how my body would talk. And you cried when the man in white left the room, and you hugged me. You were crying out of joy. And then we all went for a coffee down the road, in celebration.

I see you in a warm windy evening, waiting for a chat, with emotion in your eyes. And later on, often in rainy but happy days, joking about “road to diversion” signs. And getting too worry when I was late from work.

I see you lying down in a towel, sunny summer beach day, with earphones and listening one of our favorite ballads. I see your face not knowing I’d see it again and then, I see your face again, half smiling half crying with emotion, closing the door behind you.

I see you in an amazingly blue sky and sunny days, with very cold nights but enjoying a lot under a thick duvet, starting again. And I see you by my side throwing flowers into the sea in that important day.

I see myself asking that there must be something strange, something strong and something good that keeps us together. Despite breaks, despite mistakes, despite painful decisions and despite depressions in both sides.

Although I know you are not perfect, no-one is, I see all this and much, much more of love and positive things. That’s why I am writing this – because I am in love with you as the first night we talked to the trees.

Because I like the Moon as it is – with all it’s faces, knowing that the perfect relationship is accepting our imperfections.


Chris O said...

What beautiful writing, CT. Is it by yourself or someone we know?

I'm not sure if that's important, actually. I was almost moved to tears just reading it.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

Coffee Tambourine said...

Thanks Krix, yes I wrote it but I am sure there are more than one funny mistakes so please feel free to coment any of them!