Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buying Books


Anonymous said...

Where did you find these books?

I've always wanted to read the Ballad of Reading Gaol - let me know what you think!

You introduced me to Paul Auster - I can't find the New York Trilogy you bought me - did I loan it back to you????


Coffee Tambourine said...

It was a classic: I went into the bookshop just to buy one book and I went out with four... strong addiction, you know?

Kapuscinski is a Polish journalist who died a couple of years ago and is my hero. Bolano is a Chilean who lived in Mexico and died in Spain, is the last boom once it has been translated into English. Wilde's Reading... it's a very curious text: I described it to a friend as a prose with verse form and rhythms, very good but quite gloomy (after the jail experience he was broken man and I think left and died in Paris?). I am enjoying alot with Justin Webb's Have A Nice Day... is the other side of the mirror about the US. You can't find Auster's NY Trilogy? I have a copy at home so... I will send it to you if it's yours!!