Monday, August 30, 2010

The Rational Optimist

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Coffee Tambourine said...

I just finished reading this amazing book. Informative, clever and suggesting new parameters to read and understand History, Evolution, Economy and also Human Physic (yes I know, all of them big capitals) beyond the usual Marxist, Liberal or Traditionalist frames - jaw dropping command of both data and analytical skills. Really a new fresh air in the middle of old cliches and failing paramounts when understanding what´s going on in the world. I am hooked, I have to recognise. Do I agree 100% with what Matt Ridley mentions or defends in the book? Of course not. But it´s long time since I found someone so intellectually convincing, because a lot of things this guy says make totally sense. Have a look to the video I posted the other day or go to his website and you will tell me if you also agree or not.