Monday, April 07, 2008

Internet Users

Internet users by language

World total: 1.09bn

English: 327.1m (%29.9)
Chinese: 153.3m (%14)
Spanish: 87.3m (%8)
Japanese: 86.3m (%7.9)
German: 58.9m (%5.4)
French: 54.8m (%5)
Portuguese: 34.1m (%3.1)
Korean: 33.9m (%3.1)
Italian: 30.8m (%2.8)
Arabic: 28.5m (%2.6)
Others: %18.2

Internet users in selected countries

USA: 210m (%70 of population)
China: 137m (%10.5 - 190m net users forecast by 2010).
India: 38.2m (%3.6)
UK: 37.6m (%62.3)
France: 30.8m (%50.3)

(*) 17m of China's 461m mobile users acces the web on their phones.

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Coffee Tambourine said...

A first impression: is just me or the German's Internet penetrations is very high and Spaniard's one very low taking in account number of language speakers around the world?