Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Panphlet On The Floor

I don't think any politician is saint, of course. But at the same time each one of them have a track behind him or her which shows some basics about their ideology (or lack of it) and their honesty and principles. In those fields Red Ken is an ok guy - just don't compare him with the xenophobic bufoon of Boris The Blonde.

It just happened today that I took a panphlet from the floor and this is what I read about Ken's achievement as Mayor - I agree with some, I don't with others:

- Secured 2012 Olympics for London (poor Paris...)
- Improved transport (true, but "improvement" doesn't mean is good enough - The Tube is expensive and overcrowded).
- Respected all communities (true, indeed!).
- Driven racist attacs down by more than 50% (Hats off!!).
- Increased police numbers and reduced crime (not always both parts of the equation are linked but, ok).
- Stood against the war in Iraq (few senior politicians can say that... just remember 15 Feb 2003!)
- Supported all Londoners after 7/7 (true indeed, when every politician was running like a headless chicken Ken kept the message and practice of We Are One London).

I don't think a politician should be too long in office but before the idea of two-terms limit becomes rule and if I have to chose between Red Ken and Boris The Blonde, I have no doubt.

Just because The Evening Standar and The Mail are against him he deserves our vote. Simple like that.

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Chris O said...

All true. He certainly got one of my votes on the big day, but sadly not enough people did the same thing...