Saturday, July 17, 2010


A young girl
puts her name on the missile
to say hello,
this is from me ...

Soldiers usually do this ...

Her handwriting is very beautiful,
she holds the pen
very carefully,
like a knife ...

Other words say
With Love ...

Mother looks on,
she´s relieved,
happy to have turned fear
into delight ...

This is magic being prepared ...

What fun this is,
let´s take a picture,
let´s remember this moment
for years to come ...

There they go,
the smiles ...

As the missile flies
in no one´s sky
does the air
feel her touch?

There they go, here they come ...

As the missile
slices someone open
do they read
her lovely name?

Do they feel the fun
going in?

My hello is your goodbye,
my smile is your cry,
I´ve got a better
name than you ...

by Chris Gutkind


Hermagoras said...

Nice! Chris would like to thank you for posting this. Do you have an email where he can write? You can send it to me (kellogg dot david at gmail dot com) if you don't want to put it up on the blog. (Chris is my cousin.)

Very interesting blog, by the way.

Coffee Tambourine said...

Hi Hermagoras. Thanks for the compliment. Chris gave me a copy of his poem in the cafe poetry reading - please tell him I hope to see him there next time (Sep, I guess). Otherwise he can drop a line here.