Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture Of The Day


Anonymous said...

My little boy looks not unlike this when I feed him. I don't normally catch it myself though :-)

I like your new look blog.


Coffee Tambourine said...

Eh? who are you?... ha, ha, ha... such a nice surprise to see a note from you out of the blue!! you made my day! What did you take so long? wait a minute, of course, now you have one of those, always hungry... how is the boy? and the father? and, most importantly... hos is the mother??? I miss you, we all miss you around: hippy boy, pinky books (crazy cat), her partner, myself,... sob, sob, sob. Ok, let's talk about the weather: nice day eh? do you think it will rain later on? OMG have you seen the new prices of stuff in the super? must be Cameron's fault! and so on... good to see you babe, drop more lines.