Friday, September 30, 2005

Did You Know That...?

1. The average Japanese woman can expect to live to be 84. The average Botswanan will reach just 39.
2. A third of the world's obese people live in the developing world.
3. The US and Britain have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world.
4. China has 44 million missing women.
5. Brazil has more Avon ladies than member of its armed services.
6. Eighty-one per cent of the world's executions in 2002 took place in just three countries: China, Iran and the USA.
7. British supermarkets know more about their customers than the British government does.
8. Every cow in the European Union is subsidised by $2.50 a day. That's more than what 75% of Africans have to live on.
9. In more than 70 countries, same-sex relationship are illegal. In nine countries, the penalty is dead.
10. One in five of the world's people lives on less than $1 a day.

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(*) From "50 Facts That Should Change The World" by Jessica Williams. Icon Books.

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Chris said...

I want to live in Brazil. Now there's a country with its priorities in the right place!