Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Saturday Poem

The House

Come and live, they said,
In the house of science
With its solid floor of sense,
Its tiled and timbered roof,
Its foursquare walls of proof.

But I chose instead
The house of poetry
Under its rowan tree,
Half ruin and half grave
With green grass like a wave,

Nettles and moss for bed,
And its people coming and
Like seeds the wind might
Like words in the wind's song,
Their tenancy not long.

by David Sutton


kiwigina said...

Can I join you in the house of poetry? :-) Welcome to the world of blogs!

Chris said...

What a great way to start your blog, Igor! I love the poem - it's really good. :)

I look forward to visiting your blog site regularly from now on. Here's to you and many more of our friends discovering this great communication channel!